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Hey Meeps,

I’m gonna get deep here for a second. We’ve been talking about our ‘raison d’etre at Meeco office of late. A lot.

Love the old start-up ethos of ‘Lets use technology XYZ to make the world a better place‘ but it’s just not very specific. With a growing team, tight schedule of releases and everyone working like crazy, there has to be a definitive ‘why’.

KD has always had clear vision, but when she came back from her recent trip it was even more so. So after some fruitful chats, we landed on couple of statements that sum up Meeco’s ‘why’. You may have seen them bobbing around the Twitters recently:

Be Connected. Stay Human.


Collaborate with the people you trust.

So with that in context, you are part of an exciting phase in the evolution of the MeEcosystem!

It’s all about helping you to enjoy everything that connected life has to offer, without being pigeonholed into a number/illness/demographic/gender by online advertisers – thus maintaining your privacy and sovereignty of your digital footprint (that’s the staying human part) which you can then use on your terms to collaborate with important people in your life!

What will that look like? Getting all the conveniences of digital life, without being taken advantage of. Then we’ll take it one step further by making you the central source of information about you, helping you to tame to life admin beast, flipping the customer relationship so that you are in control.

Now the fun part – your new toys! My Connections and Messaging!

You will automatically see these updates when you log in to Meeco on your desktop. If you are using Meeco on your iPhone or iPad you will need to make sure that you have the latest update from the app store to get the benefit of these new enhancements.

My Connections

Your very own personal contacts directory.

With My Connections you can now establish your own private network of trust within Meeco, by inviting the important people in your life to connect with you.

If they don’t already have Meeco account, your invite will send them a prompt to join. You might like to use My Connections to collaborate in Meeco with your partner, your children, your friends or your colleagues.

Once you have established these connections in Meeco, you will be able to connect with them using Messaging (more detail below) and My Sharing (coming soon).

With My Connections you can regain control of your digital network. Your contacts list is yours to keep and you are free to collaborate on your terms.


You can now use Meeco to send secure direct messages between you and your Connections.

Why another messenger service? Because Meeco messages are totally private and secure, so you can rest assured that nobody will read your messages except for the intended audience.

My Sharing (Coming very soon)

We hope that you will find that My Connections and the soon to be released My Sharing will replace many of your paper-based tasks, enabling new forms of privacy to help you become more security-aware when accessing or sharing information.

We’ll tell you more about it soon, once it is live.

In the meantime, why not log in and start building your Meeco contacts list today?

Be Connected. Stay human.

Penelope :)

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