Experience The New And Simplified Meeco

With the help of the Meeco Community, our last major release for 2015 is a totally new mobile experience.

With your feedback and suggestions, we’ve reworked and renamed some of Meeco’s key features. All your support and feedback throughout 2015 has been invaluable. The result is a simple new dashboard to make it easier to navigate the Internet-of-You.

We’ve also added new features, whilst making it easier to connect, share and collaborate with the people and organisations you trust. We have made a short video showcasing the changes and new features, click below to see what’s new:

Throughout this year we have seen so much in the press about privacy, security, ad blocking and access to personal data.  I am currently working from our offices in Europe, where last week I joined a delegation to meet with the European Union.  Together we explored the potential for human-centered technologies like Meeco, to support the implementation of new protections and rights for how our data is collected and used.

The focus here in Europe is on protecting and providing stronger regulation and more transparency to Citizens about how their personal information is used.  I am encouraged to see that the Australian Government recently made similar recommendations.  However, we want to see this extended to the many roles we play in life; citizen, customer, patient and student.  We also want to see that we retain the right for progressive disclosure, so we can assess the value of a service before being required to give up our personal information.

What does this all mean?  It means that services like Meeco will be how governments and business share data with you.  More importantly, it will give you the ability to exchange data on your terms. Which is why our focus is on making the collection, control and sharing as simple as possible.  Think of Meeco as your digital assistant helping you to manage four important parts of life:

  • Organising your information, encrypting and securely storing it for when you need it
  • Connecting you with people and organisations you trust to share information on your terms
  • Bookmarking your favourites to create a personal web where you aren’t tracked
  • Signalling your intentions; so you can share a wish list or invite the market to come to you.

Together with you we are creating a new eco-system of services that will enable you to engage with brands, organisations and government in new ways, where trust and asking your permission to use your data becomes the norm. Some are developing rapidly, others will take time.  Regardless, we have lots of exciting things in store for 2016 and invite you to continue the journey with us.

Thank you for being part of the Meeco story; our progress is made possible by the community of you.

Happy holidays,


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