Feature Release – Introducing Attachments

In our complex digital lives, it can be hard to keep track of things – especially when it comes to the personal data and information we need to use and re-use on a daily basis.

Often our important documents end up being stored in multiple locations including email folders, physical filing cabinets, hard drives, cloud storage sites and yes, some are even lost behind the couch!

Most of us have multiple access points to this information, meaning numerous passwords, email addresses and log in credentials – all of which we have to try and remember.

At Meeco we’ve been thinking a lot about this and how we can make it easier for our Members to collect and easily access all the supporting documentation they need on a daily basis. So we came up with a solution.

Introducing ‘Attachments’ – a simple way to connect your digital files to your personal data. This is the first feature update of 2016, though certainly not the last.

We have developed this feature to make your personal Meeco Tiles even more useful when it comes to helping you get stuff done. You can now upload attachments of the following file types: .pdf, .jpg, .png, and .gifs, as well as dropbox, Google Drive and Keynote files.

Meeco Software Release floating files

So how can you use the attachments feature?

There are endless possibilities for connecting important documentation to your Meeco Tiles. Here are just a few suggestions;

  • Attaching your insurance policy documentation to your car tile for easy access at renewal time
  • Attaching your child’s allergy plan to their tile and sharing it with their school or carer
  • Attaching the warranty documentation for that new watch or piece of jewelry for when you are insuring it
  • Storing the vet’s record for your pet in one safe and convenient place

The list goes on – airline tickets, tax forms, pay slips, photographs, you name it… it’s now possible to upload all of the above to your personal cloud and help organise your life with a few less headaches.

The new attachments feature has already proven incredibly useful, giving the team at Meeco a simple solution to something that was frustrating us for ages.

Here is a quick tutorial that shows you how to upload .pdf and other files;




We trust the addition of Meeco attachments will make managing your digital life easier, so you can spend less time on admin and more time of the things you enjoy.

Now, stop looking behind the couch! Just remember, it’s in Meeco :)

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      Hi Peter and thanks for your question. The Meeco Andriod version is most definitely on the near roadmap for us. Stay tuned for more news on this over the next few months.

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