Bookmark is your personal web to browse and visit your favourite sites without leaving a data trail or being tracked by cookies. Site Tiles look and act like regular bookmarks that can be stored and shared with your connections.

Bookmark is an easy way to:

  • Customise your bookmarks with notes and tags.
  • Add custom fields for account details and passwords.
  • Include your trusted brands to launch their apps or for one click log-into portals, net banking and bill-payments.
  • Convert your browsing into a valuable digital asset.


Some Handy Tips

  • You can customise your tiles by holding and dragging them across your dashboard.
  • DuckDuckGo is your default Browser.
  • Sites can be directly saved to a tile by tapping the symbol next to the address bar.
  • In each browsing session you can view and delete cookies on the go.
  • View your browsing activity in Meeco’s personal analytics tool “Learn” which is accessible through the extended menu, or alternatively by scrolling through the feed.

iOS web browsing sessions

iOS users can use the web to launch a stealth session inside Bookmark. Stealth sessions work in a very similar way to Private/Incognito mode in your desktop browser. At the end of the stealth session all cookies are cleared and your history is completely ignored – no activity is captured to your account.


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