Securely Manage your Important Relationships

Meeco allows you to build a personal network where you can collaborate and share the data created in your Meeco profile with the organisations and individuals you trust.

Connections provides you with a dashboard to collaborate and exchange information with your contacts:

  • Invite connections to privately message and chat.
  • Send, share and receive Meeco Tiles.
  • Keep personalised Tiles and information in your connections directory.
  • Gain instant access to your connections important information.


You can also share data directly from your Tiles or through Meeco’s messaging service.

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Why another messenger service? Because Meeco messages are totally private, encrypted and secure. All messages can be stored (or deleted) from your own personal data store, so they’re yours to keep or discard as you please.


Permissions is a unique feature within ‘Connections’ that allows you to create your own custom terms and conditions that apply to your data as you share it with your contacts. Permissions grants you the sovereignty to decide:

  • The duration of the share for which the information is accessible to the desired audience.
  • Whether you permit the sale or trade of the tile/ information.
  • Whether the tile can be shared to other contacts/ third parties.

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