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Meeco for iOS offers you greater control on Apple devices. Each Site Tile behaves like it’s your own unique site specific browser, making it easy to manage the cookies for that site, and reducing information leakage to others. You can manually removed individual cookies from your Site Tiles using the Cookie Jar. You can <download Meeco for iOS from the Apple App Store.
Should you choose to ignore the prompts, your Site Tile will launch into a new “non-private” tab or browser window as it normally would. The click of a Site Tile will still register an event in the Activity Feed of your My Insights, but it will not capture the duration of your time on each site which will lead to less accurate reporting. You would be effectively be browsing like you might normally do.
We don’t! Meeco does not want to know anything about your data. We believe that your data is yours, and yours alone, to do with what you will. Meeco provides you with the means to capture and store that data specifically to your private account, but Meeco does not access or use this data. If we ever did, it would be with your expressed permission. You might want to read our <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Manifesto</a> to better understand our mission or our <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Privacy Policy</a> for the legals.
At present, the Meeco Privacy Launcher plugin works on the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for desktop browsers. Meeco for iOS is available for free from the App Store and automatically synchronises with your Meeco for Web account.
No, the plugin only tracks website activity for Site Tiles that you have added to your My Sites dashboard. For example, if you have as one of your Site Tiles and you then visit, only your time with Apple is captured, all other activity is ignored. Note: the plugin requires you to be “signed in” to your account for tracking to occur. The (me) plugin button in your browser bar will be Red to show when you are logged in, and Grey when you are not.
Your website activity is displayed in two places; as a live feed in your My Insights Activity Feed and as two animated My Insights charts; “Most Popular Sites” and “Site Usage By Category”.

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