Meeco is a space to organise your private information, connect with people you trust and share insight to make it easier to manage and share your personal data.

Your Meeco account allows you to be logged in to multiple devices at the same time and your data is automatically synchronised so your account and information is always quickly close-to-hand.

Think of Meeco as a way to build a time-line of your online activities, social sharing and connections. This is a reusable source of information and insight for you and a valuable data asset, which you can control.

As you use Meeco, it’s important to remember:

  • Everything is optional. You are free to use as little or as much of the available tools as you feel comfortable with. The more you use it, the more powerful your data profile becomes.
  • The data is yours. Meeco encrypts the data you add and stores it in a secure cloud. This means your information is synced and accessible via your desktop and mobile devices at all times, and viewable only by you.
  • Explore, have fun and try to break things. Meeco is currently in ‘beta’, which means we are constantly upgrading, adding new features and learning what parts are important to you.

We welcome your thoughts, opinions and feedback. We encourage you to contact us and share your experience.

Available platforms



Meeco for iOS is a dedicated application available for use on Apple iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Meeco for iOS is compatible with iOS9 and above.

Meeco for iOS is available to download from the App Store.




Meeco for Web is designed for modern desktop browsers. The responsive web design means that it is also compatible with any mobile and tablet device.

We recommend using the complimentary Meeco Plugins for Chrome and Firefox.

Android users are encouraged to use Meeco for Web. 


Encryption and Security

Most importantly, we wish to emphasise that everything you deposit to your Meeco account is yours. After all, your information belongs to you. Unlike other services, Meeco does not mine or sell your data. Should you decide to delete your account, your data will be purged and removed for good.

Your data is encrypted and securely stored on non-US based infrastructure. Currently your Meeco data is stored and backed up in Australia where we have strict privacy laws.


Meeco provides you with a series of tools to capture the important things in your life. Each app has its own unique suite of privacy, browsing and personal analytics experiences.

For iOS


For Desktop



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