Manage your personal data in Organise

Capture all of the important details in your life, including digital files, so that you can access it easily no matter where you are; on your mobile, your tablet or at your desktop. Everything you collect is securely stored to be available upon immediate recall.

The information is saved securely to your own private and encrypted account. This means that Meeco is unable to see any of the data you enter – it belongs exclusively to you. You can share this data under your own terms and conditions with the people or organisations you trust through using “Connections”.

What sort of information should I collect?

When it comes to logging your personal information, the list of opportunities is endless. However, a good place to start would be to consider the types of information you most frequently use to transact in the digital realm.

Meeco Tiles help you keep your important information together in easy to recognise themes, add Tiles for:

  • Family, friends or pets.
  • Lifestyle and travel.
  • Home, gadgets and things.
  • Health and fitness including allergies or medication.
  • Finance and insurance accounts and policies.
  • Work and study information.

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How to Get started?

Start by creating your personal profile, this is the sort information that you provide to establish your online identity. Add new Life Tiles and go through the different categories to see if there are any pre-made templates that you could quickly customise.


Now that your important data is stored in your encrypted Meeco account, you can access it anytime you need on your mobile or desktop devices.

Add Attachments and Notes

You can upload attachments of the following file types: .pdf, .jpg, .png, and .gif.

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