Meeco plugin for Firefox

New features and improvements V0.3

The Meeco plugin is the perfect complementary plugin for using My Sites on your desktop browser. Not only does it automatically launch your websites into private (incognito) browser windows, it now offers you greater insights and ease of use. Here’s what you can do with the latest version of the plugin:

1. More accurate personal analytics


Your web browsing activity is a highly valuable asset that you can now start recording for your own personal insight. Think of My Sites as the Fitbit for your web browsing activity. With the plugin installed, Meeco will record the time you spend on each of your Site Tiles and save the activity to your personal Activity Feed. The data is also used as the source for two My Insight charts “Most Popular Sites” and “Site Usage By Category”.

The plugin starts measuring your activity the moment you open a Site Tile and is concluded the moment you close the associated window. If you click to another page or window, the duration is paused until you resume and start engaging with the website again. The plugin will only ever track the Site Tiles you have added to your My Sites dashboard and only you have access to this data.

2. Add new site tiles on-the-go


Adding your favourite websites as Site Tiles is now even easier with the “Convert page to Site Tile” action in the Plugin Toolbar. Where appropriate, try to be on the home page of the site you want to add, then click the Meeco logo in your browser tool bar and then click “Convert page to Site Tile”. When you return to your My Sites page, your new Tile will be at the page and ready for you to customise and move around. Plus, you can still launch your Meeco Dashboard and sign out all from the one place.

3. More natural capture methods


New to the latest version, if you manually enter the same URL that matches your Site Tile, the plugin will automatically start tracking the website, providing you with another convenient way to engage with your favourite sites. To ensure that you are browsing privately, we recommend that you click to launch Site Tiles from your My Sites page.

How to install the plugin for Firefox

The following instructional video will guide you through the process for installing the Meeco plugin for Firefox.

Click the link to install the latest plugin for Firefox or Chrome.

Install for Firefox Install for Chrome

Note: While Private sessions prevent other websites from learning from your activity, it does not prevent your ISP or employer from tracking your activity.

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