Meeco plugin overview

Install the Meeco plugin for greater anonymity, better security, personal analytics and new insights that will empower you to shape the world you want to live in. The plugin extends the functionality and security when using My Sites in your desktop browser.

The plugin’s main features include:

  • Launches websites into new private browsing windows to reduce data leakage
  • Enables you to convert any website you visit into a Site Tile
  • Captures the website activity for the sites you specify in order to provide you with personal analytics and insights

The plugin automatically launches your chosen websites and apps into a new Private Window, therefore reducing the amount of data that you publicly leak. The plugin records your Site Tile activity and exclusively transfers it to your private Account, becoming a data feed that supplies the charts and insight for your life.

View all the latest features in the video above.
The Meeco plugin is available now for Chrome and Firefox.

Install for Chrome Install for Firefox

If My Sites is the FitbitĀ® for web browsing, then the Meeco plugin is the device for capturing your activity.

How using Meeco benefits you

It’s abundantly clear that our personal data is of immense value. Businesses like Facebook and Google exist because of the browsing activity and personal data we give them access to. Meeco flips this idea on it’s head by enabling you to capture the same information that you would normally give away, and as a result you become the rightful owner to your data and you can regain control over how the world perceives you.

  1. The first step is to start collecting the data for ourselves (available using the Meeco plugin)
  2. The second is to realise and appreciate the true value of our personal data (available using Meeco My Insights)
  3. The third step is for each of us to be able to personally share (permission) our data with people, business and governments, on our terms (coming soon)

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