Signal is your private list of wishes and goals; a place to capture the products and services you need or wish for. Your identity remains anonymous so you can decide the right time to share more information under your own terms when the market comes to you.

Signal Navigation

What kinds of things should I create tiles for?
  • Set dates for your goals.
  • Create a gift list for important occasions like a graduation, engagement, wedding, birthday or anniversary.
  • Share with your loved ones to have them fulfilled.
  • Signal the products, services, advice or experiences you want.
  • Anonymously announce your desire for custom offers from participating partners.

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The Intentions Marketplace

The Meeco Intentions Marketplace feed is currently not visible to the public but is made available upon request to Meeco verified partners. None of your personal data will be publicly visible, only the name, photo, intended date and associated brands of your intention.

Should a brand or service provider choose to approach you about your intention, you will receive an in-app notification and email requesting your participation. It will be entirely at your discretion to accept or reject any request you receive. You can also share tiles with your trusted contacts through Connections.

To share your Tiles anonymously, simply flick the toggle under the information fields.

Signal share anonymously

By default, your intentions are private and are only visible to you, and you alone.

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