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We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the MeEcosystem; MeCast from Meeco.

MeCast is an iPhone app that makes it quick and easy for you to post simultaneously to your social networks. Every post creates a backed-up and searchable personal timeline that is yours to keep. Even if you delete the social posts you will still have your links, photographs and comments preserved in your personal timeline.

We recently launched a customised version of MeCast for the Amplify festival, which was used as the official social sharing tool embedded within the festival app. Now the full version is available for you.

MeCast is also integrated into Meeco (of course!) so you can view your aggregated social feed at any time from within the platform, simply by clicking on the red MeCast tile on your dashboard:

MeCast in M

You can learn all about MeCast at, follow us on Twitter or click below to dive in head first and download it on your iOS device now: Like to read instructions? Knock yourselves out here with our Getting Started Guide!

…And that’s it! Happy MeCasting!

As always, we love to know how you’re getting along with MeCast (and Meeco) so feel free to let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or email. Your feedback and contribution to our community helps us to grow and shape your Meeco experience.

Android users! MeCast for Android is coming soon – to receive an email when it’s ready, just sign up here.

Do you think you will use MeCast? Do you use social media? Do you like social media? Are there any other services you’d like to see connected to MeCast? Anything else? Let us know! We hope that MeCast will help you to amplify your social voice and own your digital footprint.

Be Connected. Stay Human.

KD :)

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