Latest Meeco for iOS enables publish, export and sharing content

Everyday we see things on the Internet that we want to share, publish to social networks or add to our to-do list. The latest version of Meeco for iOS is another leap forward in making it easier to export, publish and share into and out of your Meeco experience.

Meeco for iOS is a unique private browsing experience that gives you greater control of your online identity. Adopting Meeco enables you to limit the amount of targeted advertising you see and reduces what the Internet knows about you. At the same time, it helps you build a rich and valuable data asset that provides you with reward and new insight.

What’s new in 1.2.9

Easily share website links

Share to other iOS apps

When you’re using My Sites on Meeco for iOS it’s now easy to share the webpage you are on. Touch the share/export icon to launch the Activities tray and choose the app or service to attach the URL to.

Launch sites into Meeco

Launch sites into Meeco

It’s easy to accidentally find yourself in the Safari browsing app. You can now quickly launch the website you are on into the My Sites* private browser so that you can capture and retain your activity

Convert any website into a Site Tile

Convert site into Site Tiles

If you are in Safari and you want to save a webpage or website for another day, you can bookmark it as Site Tile to your My Sites dashboard by clicking the export/share icon and choosing “Add to Site Tile”*.


Setting up Meeco for iOS

Use the video and step-by-step instructions below to optimise your Meeco for iOS experience.

  1. Make sure you install the latest version of Meeco for iOS
  2. Make sure you are signed into your Account
  3. Open up the Safari app and touch the share icon to reveal the share tray
  4. Scroll to the far right of the second row and touch the “More” icon to reveal the Activities list
  5. Change the Meeco switch to ON (Green)
  6. Drag the Meeco option to the top of the page
  7. Touch “done”

A better Safari alternative

Meeco and My Sites is an excellent alternative to using Safari as your default mobile browser because:

  • Private browsing is the default setting
  • You own the data you collect
  • You benefit directly from your captured activity
  • You gain new insight enabling you to make better life decisions

On top of all that, it’s now even easier to make it a seamless part of your every day and be more productive.

Designed to make your online life easier

Everyday we rely on the browsers in our mobile devices to communicate, be productive and be entertained. It’s important that we give ourselves the best chance to choose how our information is used and to keep our digital identity within our control. The latest version of Meeco for iOS has been designed to give you these freedoms as well as the convenience to make it a vital part of your daily routine.

Download or update Meeco for iOS from the App Store today.


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