Meeco Wins European Identity & Cloud Award

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Last month the 9th European Identity and Cloud Conference was hosted by KuppingerCole in Munich.  Founded in 2004, KuppingerCole is a global Analyst Company headquartered in Europe focusing on Information Security and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

The EIC Conference brings together thought leaders from around the globe, focussed on the increasing challenges associated with identity and security.

The Conference also honours outstanding projects and initiatives in Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), as well as Cloud Security.

A range of projects were nominated by vendors and end-user companies during the last 12 months. Winners chosen by KuppingerCole analysts to acknowledge the most outstanding examples of applications and ideas in the areas of IAM, GRC, and Cloud security.

This year, a Special Award was introduced to acknowledge innovation in people centric solutions to support privacy and data exchange. And more specifically, to the emergence of ‘Life Management Platforms’.

Meeco is honored to be the first recipient of this Special Award.

Katryna Dow, the founder and CEO of Meeco accepted the Award on behalf of Meeco. During the Conference, Katryna also presented sessions on Life Management Use Cases & Business Models.

In September 2011, Katryna Dow co-founded a think-tank to research the value of personal data.  The key objective was to bring to market a project she conceived in 2007; to enable individuals to have the same capability as governments and organisations to collect, control, analyse and exchange personal information. This aspiration was the basis for the Meeco Manifesto penned in January 2012.

In March 2012, Martin Kuppinger wrote a visionary white paper entitled “Life Management Platforms: Control and Privacy for Personal Data”.  The Paper details the opportunity to turn the Internet upside down by making privacy a fundamental layer of any networked interaction in the post Google & Facebook era. The key insights focus on how individuals will gain control, how social networks will have to adapt their business models, and importantly how privacy will return.

“At KuppingerCole we expect and predict that Life Management Platforms with related standards, protocols, business models, applications, etc. will be the one technology driven component that will have the strongest influence on our everyday life (and, on the other side, on enterprise infrastructures and the Internet architecture) for the next 10 years.”  – Martin Kuppinger

In July 2014 Meeco released the first Life Management Platform, and continues to draw inspiration and direction from this vision.

The full list of the the EIC 2015 Awards is here.

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