Oh The Places You’ll Go

Over the years I have had the great privilege of working in some amazing teams. Those extraordinary experiences where by the end of the project, I emerged a better person simply because of the people I was surrounded by everyday.

One of these experiences was a particularly challenging program of works led by the incredible Lee Tonito. Lee’s vision for what was impossibly possible had us all move mountains and achieve a plan that never made sense on paper. Her vision and determination had us reach deep into the parts of ourselves that believed we could make a difference. At the end of the project Lee handed the reigns over to Tim Steele.

Tim’s genuine interest in people is a great gift. He stepped into the operational leadership role and took what we had co-created and worked with the team to build a highly regarded financial educational institution.

Some years later, I got to work with him again. As for all new members of his team, he gave me a copy of “Oh The Places You’ll Go” the classic Dr Seuss book. At the time he had no idea that it was, in fact one of my favourite books and continues to be my guiding philosophy for the ups and downs of life.

I was so moved by this small but important gesture that I have carried the tradition forward with the Meeco team. “Oh The Places You’ll Go” has become a key part of our on-boarding program along with this inspiring talk from John Hagel.

Over the past few months our core team has grown with three new members joining between November and January. Andrew, Penelope & Mike, each has an interesting background and bring unique talents to Meeco. However, before I introduce I would love to you to experience “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.

So, grab a coffee, make a cup of tea, find seven minutes and let John Lithgow read to you. I hope the story reminds you of your own adventure and the places You, your team, your family and the communities you care about can go.

New Meeco Meeps

Andrew Low

Andrew Low, Projects Manager

Andrew brings to Meeco critical abilities. His experience is helping us navigate between the skunk-works of start-up and the evolving maturity of operations.

Prior to joining the team Andrew worked in finance and hospitality. He was a Financial Controller, with over a decade of experience in hotel operations across a range of properties.

He has also worked in institutional banking, where Andrew gained project performance, analysis and project management expertise.

In 2012 he was voted ‘Finance Officer of the Year’ by Tourism Accommodation Australia. Alongside his demanding day roles he helped establish and run the Cork & Screw Bar through to the recent successful sale. His multi-tasking ability and understated style is part of what makes him project-fit for the role he has created with Meeco.

Andrew’s broad skills help strike a balance between improving our operations and supporting our development. He is the man behind every Epic we embark on, capturing the stories that the design and development team use to create Meeco.


Penelope Hogan

Penelope Hogan, Content & Community Lead

As Content & Community Lead she is the digital and human voice of our community and will work as an advocate for Meeps across our strategy, planning and development.

Penelope is an established digital producer who lives and breaths content and UX, or in Meeco terms MX (The Meep Experience).

She brings over six years industry experience helping brands connect and engage with audiences and communities in innovative ways.

Most recently Penelope worked on the website and social media presence for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). She produced and curated the home page editorial segments, working directly with on-air talent and national thought leaders.

Penelope’s natural curiosity led her to UX research through an in-depth study into how people consume media using today’s technology. The insight was used to help shape the ABC’s digital strategy and award winning app.

Penelope holds a Bachelor of Communications and has studied Human-Centered Design. She loves good sci-fi and says a chat about the ‘Black Mirror’ series will make her your best friend!

Meep since January 2015.


Mike Page

Mike Page, COO

Mike said something totally unprompted the other day that really moved me; “joining Meeco allows me to bring the sum-total of all the things I have done in my career and use it all”

Having had the privilege of working with Mike in the past it’s an incredible experience to have a level of understanding of each other’s work styles from day one. Some years ago, when we first worked together we were thrown in at the deep end on a seemingly impossible task. We discovered a professional magic when together we achieved our goal. Over the years we have remained connected seeking out each other’s ideas. From the beginning of Meeco Mike has been a sounding board and support. I consider it a real honor that he decided to join Meeco as our COO.

Prior to joining Meeco, Mike was the Global Managing Director of MitchelLake Group. During almost five years in the role he worked with technology based startups and digital groups within enterprise clients to help them find, develop and deliver through talented people. Splitting his time between Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco & Singapore, working with clients including:

★ 99designs ★ ABC ★ Adslot ★ ASOS ★ Australia Post ★ CBA ★ Dimmi ★ Facebook ★ Fairfax ★ Media ★ GIGYA ★ Groupon ★ GUVERA ★ Hi Pages ★ Hooroo ★ Hotels Combined ★ Medibank ★ Nearmap ★ NICTA ★ OtherLevels ★ OneSaas ★ OZFOREX ★ Pandora ★ Playup ★ Sensis ★ Smart Sparrow ★ StrongView ★ Survey Monkey ★ Tabcorp ★ Telstra ★ The Iconic ★ Qantas ★ Vodafone ★ Wikia ★ Westfield Labs ★ Yammer ★ Zeebox

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science, and started his career in Engineering. After migrating to Australia from the UK he worked across finance and technology recruitment, talent management, leadership, professional services and consulting roles.

He brings to Meeco over a decade of general management and operations experience. Having successfully built and developed teams through his natural coaching style.

Mike’s idea of recharging is scaling a mountain as far off the grid as he can get.

Meep since January 2015.


This blog post is dedicated to the following people, who despite my foibles included me and allowed me to be part of a great team: Lee Tonitto, Tim Steele, Gary Wood, Amanda Murphy Lee, Matt Fogarty, Pam King and Yoo-Yong Kwon.

Thank you, KD

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