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Share On Your Terms

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Greetings Meeps!

We are pleased to announce some major milestones for you and Meeco; the launch of Sharing together with a new look for Web.  We trust Sharing will delight our existing Meeps and be the game changer for those of you new to managing life with Meeco.

Up to now you could use Meeco to take control of your digital footprint, manage all the important information in your life, plan your future purchases, build a personal network and gain insights into your digital life.

Well now, whilst doing those things, all the data you create with Meeco is sharable!

Why would I want to share my data?

My Sharing enables you to collaborate with the people and organisations that you trust, on your terms.

  • Share your car tile with your partner, so they have the insurance details, service info and mechanic’s contact on hand
  • Share your child’s tile with their grandparents, so they have all the useful details like immunisation status, clothing sizes, food preferences and wish list
  • Share your pet tile with his or her minder so they can have the vet’s details on hand, in case something happens while you are away.

There are endless examples of how you can use Sharing to make life easier whilst keeping control of your data. What’s more, sharing is dynamic. So if you change the details of a single data point or a whole Meeco Tile (like your home address when you move) This information will be updated automatically to your trusted contacts.

If you’d like to get started now, a step-by-step guide to sharing your first tile can be found here. Or watch our 48 second video guide below…

Sharing to Organisations (Coming Soon)

In the coming months we will be rolling out Sharing to organisations.  We believe the hallmark of a trusted organisation will be the willingness to share the data it collects about you directly with you, so you can create mutual value. We will soon be launching this capability to enable organisations to share with you the valuable information they collect on you like financial, health, communications metadata, government, IoT and wearable device data.

You in turn will be able to update and share (on your terms) with the organisations you trust. This will result in saving you time and hassle, keep your information up-to-date and importantly give you a clear view of what you have shared, when and with whom.

Having your data accessible and maintaining control of your connected world makes it possible for you to be more informed, reap valuable benefits and make better decisions. We see this is the way forward for peer to peer and customer-empowered relationships. Accurate data enables the parties you trust to help you get things done.  

The new improvements to the Meeco web platform include a more personalised dashboard, clearer notifications and new screens for the Life, Sites and Intentions boards. We will follow up with another blog post soon on these enhancements.

As you become the most reliable source of data and information about you, the opportunities to create value on your terms increase. We hope that you will find Sharing super helpful and useful to make this possible!

This is a big step forward in the Meeco journey and we are grateful to have you with us along the way.

Whatever your involvement, your support, interest and feedback means a lot to us – so thank you!

Be Connected, Stay Human.


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