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Hi Meeps,

We’ve been busy over the past couple of months enhancing your Meeco Sharing experience. We are about to release some additional features including the ability for you to set the duration for how long your information is shared, along with setting your own Terms & Conditions for how your information is used.

Before we release these features we need to update the Meeco T&Cs to incorporate the additional clauses to support your rights when using these new sharing and permission features. In line with our commitment to provide advance notice of any changes to our terms and conditions, we’d like to invite your feedback over the next fourteen days.  Please be aware that these additions increase your legal rights.

Below is a link to the updated T&C’s.  The new additions are highlighted in yellow. Anything that isn’t highlighted is in the current version.

Meeco Terms & Conditions V3.0 DRAFT

The changes are also summarised here:

  • 4.2 to 4.8 are new clauses relating to the introduction of Permissions and how the Permissions are to be used in conjunction with Shared personal data
  • 4.9 is consistent with clause 4.2 from the previous version of the Meeco Terms & Conditions
  • 4.10 is consistent with clause 4.3 from the previous version of the Meeco Terms & Conditions
  • 5.1 is an expansion of the existing clause to include both individuals and organisations

The existing Terms & Conditions remain in force until such time the new Terms & Conditions are issued.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback – feel free to let us know in the comments below, email or join the conversation on Twitter @Meeco_me.

We look forward to launching these new features in September.

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