Public Spaces Conference: Towards a less broken Internet

It is hard to argue that the current day Internet isn’t the best it can be. However bad it is, we can fix it and make it a healthy digital space. That is the objective of the Public Data Spaces Conference: to foster cooperation between organisations and developers to tackle the …

Katryna Dow is an Executive in Focus in the September issue of CEO Magazine

Meeco CEO, Katryna Dow, in CEO Magazine

Meeco Founder and CEO, Katryna Dow, features as an Executive in Focus in the latest issue of CEO Magazine Executive. The full article is available in the September issue of CEO magazine and a very short transcript is available here.

A new age in privacy and respect for personal data

The Respect Network officially launched the world’s first global private network in Australia this past week in spectacular fashion. The gala event attracted the attention of celebrated futurists, privacy enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, founding partners and technology journalists. Meeco was proud to be featured as a key launch partner along with fellow …