Meeco is hiring software engineers to build amazing frontend experiences

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Meeco is looking for self-driven software engineers to contribute to the success of our product team developing our globally awarded personal data platform. The Meeco platform is comprised of suite of products including a decentralised wallet, key management store, exchange for identity, credentials & tokens and secure data enclave (vault). …

How to solve media’s personalisation dilemma?

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Our focus for 2021 at Meeco is to develop practical solutions for sectors with significant personal data challenges. One key sector is media, with a range of challenges including privacy, over-collection of data, transparency and personalisation. We’re delighted to share that Meeco has been selected by MediaMotorEurope to join their …

FinTech Australia announces Meeco as a Finnies 2020 finalist

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September 23, 2020, FinTech Australia announced the finalists for this year’s Finnies. The Finnies recognise and reward the Australian FinTech community by honouring innovation, growth and collaboration. For Meeco, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We’re humbled (and a little excited) to be a finalist in the …

Meeco announces KidTech partnership with Heder to co-develop safe media platform for kids

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Meeco has some very happy news to share about a new partnership with Heder VZW and a new KidTech product planned to launch December 2020. But first, we would like to share a little about why we believe this is so important. Back in April 2019, we presented our thoughts at the …

Meeco Positioned as Leader in Personal Identity Products in One World Identity’s Identity Industry Landscape

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Meeco Recognised for Personal Data in Identity Industry Meeco announces move from R&D to Q2 2020 planned release of a range of new personal data and identity products.  The range of new services will include a Developer Portal with access to Meeco’s API Platform, together with a Verified Claims Wallet. …

Meeco announces capital raise, acquisition and European expansion

Meeco announces capital raise, acquisition and European expansion

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Meeco has been at the forefront of the emerging personal data economy since 2012. They have developed an award-winning personal data sharing platform and Consent Engine for GDPR compliance. Meeco enables customers to aggregate personal data across their life, including identity, financial, social, health and IoT then share it directly with the people and organisations they trust.

Understanding the difference between Identity, Authentication and Authorisation

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On August 7-8th 2018, technology experts from Australia and around the globe gathered in Canberra for the Digital ID Show. The event was co-located with the Technology in Government Expo and the Cyber Security in Government Conference. Overall, more than 2,500 attendees wandered among 120+ exhibitors and listened to 120+ …

Meeco wins Best Overall App at Australian Payments Council Sydney Hackathon

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Team Meeco dived into the challenge of improving the lives of Australians with transaction data at the Open Banking Hackathon. The 11-13 August, 2017 event, took place at Meeco’s Sydney residence, Stone & Chalk, was an Australian Payments Network (APC) and Open Bank Project initiative. The challenge: How to improve …

Is Privacy the Innovation Driver You’re Looking For?

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With last week’s news from the European Parliament consolidating the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) into EU law, now more than ever, organisations need to find new trust-based models. The Privacy Advantage – London’s first conference focused on the integration of commercial opportunity and privacy – is soon to take place …

Katryna Dow & Denise Holt

Podcast: Retaining Ownership of Your Personal Data

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Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Denise Holt from Collaborative IQ. Denise is the CMO & Co-Founder, GratZeez, Inc. & CEO & Founder, Collaborative IQ and the host of the Collaborative IQ Podcast. A serial Entrepreneur since age 23, she has co-founded and operated businesses ranging from local service …

Privacy & Quantifying the Real Cost of ‘Free’

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Lysanne de Water is a graphic design student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. For her data design minor she chose to focus on the subject of ‘Internet: Censorship, Privacy and Human Rights’. She researched twelve digital platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Ello and Meeco to examine each service’s level of transparency, privacy and use of …

U.S. Passes the Buck to Parents on Children’s Education Data Protection

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On February 26, the U.S. Department of Education launched the ‘Privacy Technical Assistance Center’ (PTAC), a website designed to act as a “One-stop resource for education stakeholders to learn about data privacy, confidentiality, and security practices related to student-level longitudinal data systems and other uses of student data.” This is the first …

#IoB: The Internet of Babies

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Parents across the Internet are following a trend of (practically) live streaming their children’s pre-birth on Facebook, Skype and YouTube. Ultra sounds and updates of their babies health are also finding themselves flung into the digital sphere with the help of apps designed to track the growth of their soon-to-be’s…