The start of your improved experience

Here we are at the beginning of 2015 and we are starting to see how Meeco is changing thanks to your feedback.

Meeps who sign in to Meeco for Web will see the first steps toward a more integrated dashboard experience, which will also support more insight and context from your data.

What’s new

Most of the changes in the latest release are behind the scenes:

  • Faster page loads
  • Snappier interface transitions
  • Quicker database queries and display
  • New methods to navigate between apps


The most obvious change is the Meeco dashboard which now includes a live feed of your Meeco activity;

  • When you sign in/out and on which device
  • Time spent on web sites you have chosen to capture
  • New Life Tiles, Site Tiles, Brands and Intentions appear in your feed


You may also notice an update to the account management pages with a few new options. Plus, it’s now even easier to reach us for help and support directly from the footer of every page.

You are welcome to write and contact us at any time and we greatly appreciate your insight and suggestions.

Sign in to Meeco for Web

Coming up next

The new dashboard layout is the start of what we have planned in the next couple of months. Very soon you will have the ability to make greater use of the data you are capturing and creating.

Stay tuned…

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